Rasta Lilla Edet

At E45 in Lilla Edet, between Gothenburg and Trollhättan You will find Rasta Lilla Edet. Here we have a restaurant with outdoor seating, a playground, a shop and 15 welcoming hotel rooms. The building is beautiful with a straw roof and it is situated at Göta Kanal.

  • We serve breakfast buffet every day between 6.30 – 10.30 (Sat & Sun from 8.00)
  • Meal of the day is served every day between 11.00 – 19.00 (Sat & Sun 11.00 – 18.00)
  • A large Sallad buffet
  • A la carte menu

Trailers for rent

Tourist Guide!

Visit Lödöse Museum, which is an archeological museum with many activities for young and old.
In the nearby area there is Hörlycke Golf Club, you can hike the Bohus Trail and if you want to fish you can do it in the river that runs next to the hotel. Fishing licenses and info can be found at sfklaxen.com.

Innovatum’s technology park and Saab’s car museum are located in Trollhättan, only 19.5 km from the facility.

Rasta Lilla Edet

Rasta Lilla Edet, Skansenvägen, Lilla Edet, Sweden

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