Rasta Värnamo

By the road E4 is Rasta Värnamo located. This is the perfect stop for those traveling between Malmö and Stockholm. At the resort there is a restaurant with outdoor seating, a supermarket shop with fuel from OKQ8 and a hotel with 35 rooms and conference facilities. The restaurant is quite spacious, child friendly and very well suited for bus groups.

The hotel has rooms of varying sizes and is as suitable for single guests as for the larger family of up to 6 people. We have 2 conference rooms; a room for up to 40 people and the other room, perfect for the small meeting, can accommodate up to 10 people. Book the conference at varnamo@rasta.se!

• Breakfast buffet is served every day between 6am – 10am
• The Dish of the Day is served everyday between 11am – 8pm
• A la carte menu
• We always have freshly made coffee, lovely sandwiches and delicious cookies

Tourism Hints

The hotel is located in the middle of Småland and that means it is not too far away from Gekås in Ullared, High Chaparral’s Wildlife Park, Stor Mosse National Park or Möbelriket(Furniture Kingdom). If you enjoy playing golf there are fine golf courses nearby, e.g. Värnamo GK. You can also visit Isaberg Moose Park, where you can go hiking, canoeing or cycling. During winter time you can also go skiing down their delightful slopes.


In the Wild West where the Indians and Cowboys live; things always happen dramatically, with excitement and lots of fun! At High Chaparral in Hillerstorp, Småland, the whole family is able enjoy the very best Wild Western style. There is plenty of room for childrens’ games and even for adults whom  still have their childlike mind left in them. High Chaparral is about 2 Swedish miles from our hotel in Värnamo.

Rasta Värnamo

Bor, Sweden

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