Rasta Hagsta

At E4 north of Stockholm, between Gävle and Söderhamn you will find Rasta Hagsta. The building is inspired by the Vikings. We have a restaurant with outdoor seating and a small shop.

  • Breakfast buffet is served every day between 7.00 – 10.00
  • Lunch is served every day between 11:00- 19:00
  • TexMex Buffet is served every day between 10:00-19.00
  • A la carte menu
  • We always have nice coffee, delicious sandwiches and cookies.

Welcome to our Viking house!

Take a break from the car ride and have a coffee or a snack with us.
Then you can take a nice walk at Fredriks lake.


Rasta Hagsta

Ockelbovägen 40, Hamrångefjärden, Sweden

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