Rasta Brändåsen

Where E20 meets route 50 is where you will find Rasta Brändåsen. Even though this is a road restaurant/ truck stop this place have since the start 1999 the ambition to be so much more. Our amazing chefs who love to cook are also very careful about the choice of ingredients and food products.
At Rasta Brändåsen we also have our own bakery where we make bread, cakes, cookies and more.

You can also find Circle K service station, a security parking and McDonald´s.

We warmly welcome all guests!

  • Today’s meal is served every day between 11.00-19.00 am.
  • The weekend menu is served on Saturdays & Sundays from 11.00 am.
  • Á la carte menu is served every day.

Brändåsen – we truly care about the food we cook

Except that we serve the best food, we also offer amazing pastries from our own bakery.


Rasta Brändåsen

Brändåsen 214

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