Rasta Brålanda

At road E45 between Gothenburg and Karlstad you will find Rasta Brålanda, our very first road restaurant in the Rasta company. Here you can find a restaurant with outdoor seating, Burger King and OKQ8-shop.

  • Breakfast buffet is served every day between 08.00-10.00
  • Today’s meal is served every day between 11.00-19.00
  • TexMex Buffet is served every day between 11.00-19.00
  • A la carté menu
  • We always have nice coffee, delicious sandwiches and cookies.

Trailers for rent


Now you can play at ATG in our service shop!



Rasta Brålanda

Rasta Brålanda, Storgatan, Brålanda, Sverige

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