About us

Our business idea is to deliver the best road restaurants and everything that comes with it such as good food, petrol stations, shops and hotels. Our goal is to be the best option for you who work and travel along the Swedish roads. Today we have 30 establishments along the main roads. We have generous opening hours and spacious facilities. You can find us here.

Basically our business idea is more or less the same as in the 70’s. We always strive to be the best option when traveling along the Swedish roads. We keep developing our good concept. We understand your demands and we develop our business according to your needs!


Rasta establishments are private owned and is a part of Burgsvik Group that also runs restaurants, conferences and shops at Nya Ullevi, Gamla Ullevi in Gothenburg. Since 2015 Burgsvik Group also runs Skansens restauranger and Dramatenrestaurangerna in Stockholm. Trädgår’n in Gothenburg and Rådhuskällarn in Malmö. Hotell Erikslund in Ängelholm, Old Beefeater Inn and Djurgårdsbrons Sjöcafé is also a part of Burgsvik Group.


With experience from the Domus-restaurants Dan Tervaniemi developed the road restaurants along the Swedish roads in the early 70’s. The first establishment was RiksRasta in Brålanda. During the 80’s Rasta had grown into the most popular road restaurant chain with its 28 establishments.


At Rasta we collaborate with some of the biggest and best brands that have the same goals and values as we have.
Therefore we can offer you the highest quality and service. Below you can see some of our cooperation partners.