Our food

Our menu is mostly based on Swedish traditional food. We have both vegetarian and hypoallergenic courses on the menu. A very popular meal at our restaurants is the Tex Mex buffet that we serve every day. On the menu you can also find classic dishes such as Ceasar salad, hamburgers, pancakes, Swedish meatballs etc.

We can also offer you coffee, freshly baked bread, cinnamon buns, and homemade sandwiches.

At some of our restaurants we have a Burger King (Grums, Håby, Brålanda, Götene, Markaryd, Tönnebro and Kalmar). We also have our own Fast Food -concept called Rasta Grill with tasty hamburgers. Rasta Grill is served at Rasta Tanum, Mariestad, Vårgårda, Ullared, Snapparp, Nyköpingsbro and Ödeshög.

We serve beer and wine at all our Rasta restaurants.

News! On Today’s meal there is always a vegetarian alternative.


Our staff is well aware of all the ingredients so please don’t hesitate to ask them for help.

Child menu

Always at Rasta

Menu Daily special
Swedish meatballs served with boiled potatoes and a brown sauce
Swedish hamburger served with fried onion and boiled potatoes
Potato pancakes served with fried pork and cowberry jam

Salads and lighter dishes

Halloumiburger with fresh vegetables and pickled red onions served with french fries and tzatziki, vegetarian.
Caesar salad with chicken, bacon, grated cheese and croutons
Pie of the House served with a tomato salad
Smoked salmon with boiled potatoes and caviar sauce.
Chicken fillet with tomato salad, red wine sauce and french fries

Rastas classic roadside favorites
The Rasta Sandwich – Warm bread with sausage and egg
Fried diced meat, potatoes, vegetables, fried egg and pickled beetroot
Bacon and eggs served with fried potatoes
Breaded Plaice with boiled potatoes, remoulade and lemon

Grilled dishes
100% Beef Burger-150g served in a sourdough bun with coleslaw, pickles and French Fries
Sausage with French Fries
Pork tenderloin served with French Fries and béarnaise sauce
Large Schnitzel served with red wine sauce, capers and fried potatoes