Commercial traffic

For you who work on the road

At rasta we are well aware of the people working on the road and we want to give you the best service. Therefore we offer good parking lots and tank locations, shower, hotel room and great food.

We have a card called Rasta Club purple card which gives you discounts on all our places.

We have guarded night parkings for trucks in Ödeshög, Tanum, Hallandsåsen, Ulricehamn, Värmland, Grums and Håby.

Rasta club card

If you are a professional driver please show you driving license at one of our establishments and you will receive a Rasta Club purple card.

Show your card in the restaurant when paying and you will get 10% discount in our restaurant and when booking a hotel room.


Bus trips

Our establishements are adjusted to serve bigger groups in every possible way and our staff is very used to managing a lot of people at the same time. To make it easy for your we offer special menus for groups who pre order their visit.

Bus menu 2018

Bus menu for Rasta Tönnebro

Rasta Tönnebro has their own bus menu, download it here:

Bus menu for Rasta Tönnebro (PDF)

VIP-card for bus drivers and bus owners!

Our VIP-card for bus drivers is very popular!

The card is private and gives you discounts and personal offers. Download your application form below or pick it up at one of our Rasta establishments.

Application form VIP-card(PDF)

The application form shall be handed over at one of our Rasta establishments or you can send/fax it to:

Rasta Sverige AB
Box 9092
400 92 Göteborg
Fax: 031-725 95 50